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Mixed Yarn

Characteristics of SYSTURF Mixed Yarn
1. Innovative Mixed Yarn Composition: SYSTURF's mixed yarn for artificial grass is characterized by its innovative composition. The blend of high-quality materials, carefully selected and combined, results in a yarn that offers a unique combination of durability, resilience, and aesthetic appeal. The innovative mix ensures that the artificial grass maintains a natural look while delivering superior performance.

2. High Dtex for Enhanced Resilience: The SYSTURF mixed yarn boasts a high Dtex (density per unit weight) rating, signifying enhanced resilience and durability. This characteristic makes the artificial grass suitable for high-traffic areas, providing longevity and maintaining its lush appearance even in challenging conditions. The higher Dtex adds robustness, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

3. C-Shape Design for Realistic Aesthetics: Similar to other SYSTURF products, the mixed yarn features a C-Shape design. This design not only contributes to the overall resilience of the artificial grass but also enhances its visual appeal. The C-shape mimics the randomness and variation found in natural grass, ensuring a realistic and attractive appearance for residential and commercial landscapes.

4. Versatile Applications for Various Projects: SYSTURF's mixed yarn is designed with versatility in mind, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether used in residential lawns, commercial spaces, or landscaping projects, artificial grass adapts seamlessly to different settings. Its versatility ensures that it can meet the diverse needs of clients and projects.

5. Low Maintenance and Environmental Friendliness: Sustainability is a key focus for SYSTURF, and the mixed yarn aligns with environmentally conscious practices. The artificial grass requires minimal maintenance, reducing the need for water, pesticides, and other resources associated with traditional lawn care. Choosing SYSTURF's mixed yarn not only ensures a vibrant and durable surface but also contributes to eco-friendly landscaping solutions.
Mixed Yarn Products
Our extensive product range includes high-density, C-crimp hybrid yarn options that set the standard for luxurious and durable artificial turf. As a leading manufacturer of custom artificial turf, we bring your vision to life and create outdoor spaces that impress. Here you can also find high-quality products at competitive prices. We also provide you with OEM services for your products. Below are our mixed yarn products.
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SYSTURF - Your Custom Mixed Yarn Manufacturer
SYSTURF is at the forefront of innovation and is your premier destination for custom hybrid yarn solutions in the artificial grass industry. As a preeminent manufacturer of artificial turf, we are proud to offer unique blends of properties that differentiate our custom-blended yarns to meet the diverse needs of our customers. That's why SYSTURF is your first choice for quality custom artificial grass yarn.

1. Tailored to Your Specifications: At SYSTURF, customization is more than a service; it's a commitment. We understand that every project has different requirements. Our custom blended yarn solutions are designed to your specifications, allowing you to choose the perfect combination of materials, colors, and textures. This level of customization ensures that your artificial grass not only meets but exceeds your expectations, resulting in a product that perfectly complements your vision.

2. Innovative Ingredients, Excellent Performance: Our custom-blended yarns feature innovative ingredients that go beyond the ordinary. By combining high-quality materials, we create a yarn with exceptional durability, elasticity, and beauty. The result is an artificial grass surface that can withstand the test of time while maintaining a natural and attractive appearance. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, ensuring our customers receive products that stand out in terms of performance and design.

3. Special Engineering Expertise: Our in-depth knowledge of yarn density (Dtex) allows us to precisely design custom blended yarns. Dectex grade plays a vital role in determining the strength and longevity of artificial grass. SYSTURF’s expertise in Dtex engineering ensures our custom blended yarns have enhanced elasticity, making them suitable for a variety of applications, including high-traffic areas. When you choose SYSTURF, you choose a manufacturer that prioritizes the science behind their yarns.

4. Versatility for Multiple Applications: Whether you're embarking on a residential landscaping project or a large-scale commercial project, SYSTURF's custom-blended yarns offer unparalleled versatility. Our products adapt seamlessly to different environments, bringing energy and durability to any space. From turf to sports fields, our custom solutions meet a variety of application needs, demonstrating the adaptability of the SYSTURF brand.

5. Sustainability in Every Aspect: SYSTURF is not only committed to meeting your aesthetic and functional needs but also to being environmentally responsible. Our custom-blended yarns are designed with sustainability in mind, requiring minimal maintenance and reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional lawn care. Choosing SYSTURF means choosing a more environmentally friendly approach to landscaping without compromising on quality.
Frequently Asked Questions About SYSTURF Mixed Yarn 
In what scenarios is SYSTURF's Premium High Dtex C-Shape Mixed Artificial Grass Yarn most applicable?
Our Premium High Dtex C-Shape Mixed Yarn is versatile and suitable for various scenarios, including residential lawns, commercial landscapes, and sports fields. Its durability and lifelike appearance make it a top choice for those seeking high-quality artificial grass.
How does SYSTURF approach Research and Development (R&D) to enhance its artificial turf products?
We prioritize continuous improvement through robust R&D efforts. Our team is dedicated to innovating artificial turf technologies, exploring new materials, and refining manufacturing processes. This commitment ensures that SYSTURF products remain at the forefront of performance and quality.
What certifications does SYSTURF hold for its Premium High Dtex C-Shape Mixed Yarn?
SYSTURF maintains a commitment to quality and safety. Our Premium High Dtex C-Shape Mixed Yarn is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, attesting to our adherence to international standards for quality management and environmental responsibility. Additionally, our products comply with relevant industry regulations.
What makes SYSTURF Mixed Yarn stand out among artificial grass yarn options?
SYSTURF Mixed Yarn boasts a unique combination of high Dtex and a C-shape design. This results in improved resilience, durability, and a natural aesthetic. The blend of features makes it a standout choice for those seeking top-quality artificial grass with enhanced performance.
How does SYSTURF ensure the consistency and quality of its Mixed Yarn across different batches?
Quality control is integral to our manufacturing process. SYSTURF employs strict quality assurance measures to ensure the consistency of our Mixed Yarn. Rigorous testing and inspection procedures are in place to maintain the highest standards, providing customers with confidence in the quality of our artificial turf products.

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1. We provide high-quality environmentally friendly artificial turf, standardized sports systems, EPDM intelligent construction systems, customized design services, and professional installation guidance 2. Contact us for a free consultation and quotation, quality assurance, professional help, and advice.
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