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Features of the padel court

Easy to learn

Padel is easier to learn than other tennis sports. Its rules are relatively simple, and beginners can quickly master the basic skills, allowing more people to participate.

Strong social nature

Padel is usually a doubles match, which adds to the social nature of the game. The relatively smaller pitches allow for more frequent interactions between players, fostering friendships and social relationships.

Low site requirements

Padel sites are relatively small, making it easier to find suitable sites in cities or communities. This lowers the threshold for participation and enables more people to participate in padel competitions conveniently.

Suitable for all ages

Due to the relatively small venue and relatively simple rules, Padel is suitable for people of all ages, including teenagers, adults and seniors. Coupled with the fact that it’s fun and accessible, people are more likely to stick around and participate

Exercise and Health

Padel is an aerobic exercise that provides a full-body workout. Compared to some other high-impact exercises, padel has less impact on the joints, making it more suitable for those who are concerned about their health and fitness.

Events and Professionalization

Padel's professional competitions and tournaments attract more attention, which helps increase the sport's popularity. Professional competitions have sparked interest in padel, prompting more people to try and participate.

Padel Court App

A padel court is a popular ball game surface similar to a cross between tennis and squash that originated in Spain. The padel field is usually 20 meters long and 10 meters wide, divided into two equal areas by a 3 meter high net. Padel is becoming increasingly popular in many countries, especially in places like Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Sweden. It is a sport suitable for all ages and skill levels because the rules are relatively easy to learn, but can also be challenging.

Panoramic Padel Court

Outdoor Padel Court

Community Padel Court

Padel Court Competition

Professional artificial turf manufacturing capabilities

With professional artificial turf manufacturing capabilities, it can provide high-quality turf materials for futsal football fields to ensure the durability and comfort of the field.

High-quality products

A factory with professional manufacturing capabilities can ensure the production of high-quality artificial turf products. This means that the turf material for football fields will have excellent durability, comfort and field performance, meeting the high demands of players and teams on the field.

Customized production

The manufacturing capacity of the factory means that you can customize the production according to the actual needs of the futsal field. This includes turf size, color, fiber height and density, etc. to meet the needs of different court specifications and styles.

Stable supply

Professional manufacturing capabilities enable the factory to maintain a stable supply of lawn products. Stadium projects usually require a large area of artificial turf, and the factory can guarantee sufficient turf production and avoid supply shortages or out-of-stock situations.

Advantage price

Factory direct supply means eliminating intermediate links and getting more favorable prices. This is beneficial to control the total cost of the futsal field project and save money for the construction and maintenance of the field.

Technical Support

Behind the specialized manufacturing capabilities there is usually a technical team that can provide installation guidance, maintenance advice and problem solving for artificial turf. This helps to ensure that the artificial turf for futsal pitches is installed correctly, remains in good condition, and lasts longer.

continue to innovate

Factories with professional manufacturing capabilities usually continue to invest in R&D and innovation to continuously improve the performance and quality of artificial turf. This means you get the latest, industry-standard artificial turf products.

Reliable Guarantee

Due to the factory's control over the production process, the quality and performance of the product are reliable and controllable. This provides a stable and long-term turf guarantee for the futsal field, reducing maintenance and replacement costs caused by quality problems.

Production progress visualization


Professional Manufacturing Capabilities

With professional artificial turf manufacturing capabilities, it can provide high-quality turf materials for futsal football fields to ensure the durability and comfort of the field.


Customized service

Due to the direct supply from the factory, you can provide customized artificial turf products according to the actual needs of the futsal field to meet different field sizes and requirements.


Resource advantage

With professional artificial turf manufacturing capabilities, it can provide high-quality turf materials for futsal football fields to ensure the durability and comfort of the field.


Technical Support

You can help keep futsal pitches in top shape by providing expert technical support for artificial turf installation, maintenance and upkeep.



As an artificial turf factory, you have rich experience and expertise in the field of turf, and can provide professional advice and solutions for futsal pitches.


sustainable development

Artificial turf is an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice, and as a factory, you can promote environmental awareness and provide artificial turf products that meet environmental standards.



You can establish a long-term partnership with Futsal Stadium, provide stable supply and support, and develop and grow together.


Brand reputation

If your factory has a good reputation and brand awareness in the field of artificial turf, it will add confidence and attractiveness to the promotion of futsal pitches.

Padel court artificial grass case

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Outdoor Padel Court

In 2021, a professional outdoor padel court be built in Shanghai

Padel Court Case

In 2018, a professional padel tennis court be built in Madrid, Spain

Luxury Padel Model

A panoramic model of the padel court, covered with a canopy

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