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Leading Manufacturer In The Field Of Systurf Artificial Turf

In 1992, SYSTURF started in the field of short-pile decorative grass, and gradually expanded to the manufacture and research and development of artificial turf. Concentration and professionalism have made SYSTURF a leading manufacturer in the field of artificial turf.

With 30 years of experience, SYSTURF provides excellent products and services to more than 40 countries and regions around the world, covering Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. We provide artificial turf manufacturing for different industries, and provide integrated solutions from design, production, logistics to after-sales training for small football and tennis courts.

Closer To The Performance Of Natural Turf System, Safer, Longer Service Life And Less Maintenance.

Patented products comply with FIFA testing standards.

Meet the special customization needs of customers, and carry out customized development according to customer requirements.

Cooperation between various departments

We look forward to delivering high-quality products and professional services to meet your expectations and requirements.
  • Design Team

    Our design team not only works on concepts to create compelling designs, but also works closely with clients to develop a deep understanding of needs and visions. The team has rich project experience and is good at the whole process design from construction drawings. They deliver the goods on site, understand the environmental factors such as position and climate, and ensure that the scheme is practical and beautiful. Working with clients is not limited to design, but also includes budget, material and layout advice, draft project development.

    The team has successfully completed projects of international scale such as sports complexes, parks and private courtyards, winning design awards and mourning projects. The design concept focuses on aesthetics, but also emphasizes sustainability and environmental protection. Renewable and low-carbon options are favored when choosing materials and technologies to reduce environmental impact.

  • R & D Team

    The R&D team is full of enthusiasm and innovation, and is committed to providing the most optimized artificial turf solution. They keep up with the forefront of the industry, solve new materials, processes and designs, and meet different customer needs. Their interdisciplinary background makes them leaders in the design and production of performance artificial turf.

    Members are well aware of function, durability and environmental protection, and have developed new materials and products that are wear-resistant, environmentally friendly and easy to recycle, and have won environmental protection awards. Not only staying in the laboratory, but also participating in projects, collaborating to meet real-world needs, and providing technical support to customers.

  • Production Team

    The production team is the key force to realize the design vision, transforming the achievements of R&D into high-quality products. Leading process skills, mastering the production stages from material selection to quality inspection. Strict monitoring ensures that the products are beautiful and durable. Efficient team and good guarantee, finish every order on time, cooperate with R&D team to improve efficiency and quality.

    Emphasize that there are strict standards for sustainable production, resource utilization and waste disposal. Energy-saving technologies and recycled materials have won environmental certifications and awards.

  • Sales Team

    The sales team is the bridge between customers and the company, deeply understands the needs, and provides customized solutions. With product knowledge and industry experience, we can recommend the most suitable artificial turf and provide comprehensive consultation.

    Communication and destruction skills, stock exchanges understand needs, and work with other teams to ensure innovative and practical solutions. Participate in after-sales service, win repeat orders and brand replenishment.

  • Operation Team

    The operation team ensures efficient operation, from design to delivery. Project management and supply chain experience to quickly respond to complex situations and ensure on-time order fulfillment. Collaborate with other teams to communicate and fulfill customer needs.

    Pay attention to details, optimize processes, and provide professional service experience. Market research and analysis to meet market and customer needs. Earn trust and respect by leading in supply chain, delivery and customer service.

our history

We look forward to delivering high-quality products and professional services to meet your expectations and requirements.

SYSTURF was established from the short-pile decorative grass business. After years of expansion,


In 2011 SYSTURF became one of the leading manufacturers in its field.


In 2012, SYSTURF acquired STI (Shanghai) and is committed to optimizing product lines and laying out global strategies.


Currently, SYSTURF products have been sold to more than 40 countries around the world including Europe/North America/Latin America/Middle East/Asia and Africa.


SYSTURF plans to help more and more global customers, including wholesalers/distributors/retailers, achieve a bigger picture of their marketing purposes, and let us enter a bigger green world together.

Certificates and Awards Received

We look forward to delivering high-quality products and professional services to meet your expectations and requirements.

3000 HOURS UVA TEST-3000 hours UVA test



Flammability Test S1

Lab report-No infill grass

Lead Test in States

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SYSTURF provides one-stop artificial turf solutions for various sports venues, and provides related services to individual families, pavers, dealers, designers, etc.

1. We provide high-quality environmentally friendly artificial turf, standardized sports systems, EPDM intelligent construction systems, customized design services, and professional installation guidance 2. Contact us for a free consultation and quotation, quality assurance, professional help, and advice.
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