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Artificial turf solutions for landscape

Landscape artificial turf is a type of artificial turf made from synthetic materials designed to mimic the look and appearance of natural lawns. It is commonly used in outdoor landscaping, sports venues, parks, gardens, commercial areas, and more as an aesthetically pleasing, durable, low-maintenance alternative. The production materials of landscape artificial turf usually include the main components of synthetic fibers (such as polyethylene, polyethylene, etc.) grass, as well as backing materials, filling materials, etc. These materials are specially treated and manufactured to have the look and feel of real grass-like material.
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When choosing a landscape artificial turf it is generally necessary to consider the different social requirements such as color. touch density, adhesive, and fire protection, and choose a product that is more suitable for you according to your needs.

1. Features of the futsal field

Due to the different lighting conditions, climate, soil, water sources and other environments around the world, the color of natural grass often varies between continents. We generally divide the color of artificial grass into six categories according to different regions.

North American natural grass color

latin american natural grass color

European natural grass color

Asian natural grass color

African natural grass color

Oceania natural grass color

custom color

2. Choice of touch

The reason why the tactility of landscape lawn is important is that the production of artificial turf is to simulate natural grass. The landscape grass laid in the courtyard needs an artificial turf with low plastic feeling and close to natural grass.

Soft Type

Grass silk feels delicate, soft and skin-friendly, suitable for garden laying and pet cushions

Firm type

the roots of the grass are distinct, it feels solid and upright to the touch, and has high wear resistance. It is more suitable for sports venues that need to be stepped on frequently

3. Selection of lawn Dtex value

The Dtex value of a single grass fiber (that is, the total weight of 10,000 meters of grass silk) is one of the important factors affecting the touch of artificial turf. The higher the Dtex value of a single grass silk, the higher the hardness of the grass silk. If you want your lawn to be softer, you can choose a product with a lower Dtex value of a single grass filament, and vice versa, you can choose a product with a higher Dtex value for a single grass filament; at the same time, the Dtex value of a grass filament will also affect the overall standing Dtex of the lawn The higher the value, the better the standing of the lawn. It is worth noting that it is the "cluster" of grass rather than the "single" grass that affects the standing of the lawn. You can choose to add more grass in a cluster. Ensure the uprightness of the grass silk.

High Dtex Turfgrass

Strong wear resistance
Coarse fibers generally have better wear resistance, can withstand more use and friction, and are suitable for places with high-intensity use, such as multi-person event venues or sports fields.
High stability
Coarse fibers provide better stability, reducing fiber tilt and movement, maintaining turf flatness and appearance
Good damping effect
Thick fibers have good shock absorption and shock absorption capabilities, which can reduce the impact and load on athletes' joints during exercise, and reduce the risk of sports injuries.
Suitable for high-activity places
Because of its wear resistance and stability, artificial grass with high Dtex value is suitable for high sports places, such as football field, rugby field, etc.

Low Dtex Turfgrass

High softness
Fine fibers generally have better softness, giving people a more comfortable touch and pedaling feeling.
Strong sense of reality
Fine fibers can better simulate the look and feel of natural grass, providing a more realistic grass-like experience.
Suitable for home use
Due to its delicate appearance and soft touch, tennis grass with low Dtex value is often used in domestic tennis and padel courts.
The price is relatively low
Fine fibers are relatively inexpensive to manufacture, so artificial grass with a low Dtex value is usually more economical.

4. Choice of lawn density

The density of the lawn is also one of the important factors affecting the touch of artificial turf. The firmer density results in fewer gaps between each blade of grass, providing a more substantial sense of wrapping the moment your hands touch the lawn, while also looking lusher. In addition, denser turf will be more abrasive and durable.

low density

Low density: The gaps between the grass filaments are relatively large, and it looks relatively sparse. This kind of lawn usually has high air permeability and drainage, and is suitable for some countertops that are used infrequently or only for decoration.

medium density

Medium density: There are suitable gaps between the grass filaments. This kind of lawn looks relatively compact and achieves a balance between aesthetics and usability. It is suitable for general gardens, parks and leisure places.

high density

High density: there are almost no gaps between the grass filaments, the lawn looks very dense, the ground is almost covered by grass, the overall touch will be more solid, the wear resistance and pressure resistance are higher, and it is suitable for high-frequency use venues.

5. Selection of special functions

The density of the lawn is also one of the important factors affecting the touch of artificial turf. The firmer density results in fewer gaps between each blade of grass, providing a more substantial sense of wrapping the moment your hands touch the lawn, while also looking lusher. In addition, denser turf will be more abrasive and durable.


Each landscape artificial turf can be added with additional anti-ultraviolet additives according to different use environments (such as indoor and outdoor). Generally speaking, artificial turf used outdoors needs to add more anti-ultraviolet additives than indoor turf To slow down the aging and heating of the lawn.

Fire Pprotection

Artificial turf is usually made of synthetic fiber materials. These materials generally have low fire resistance and are easy to burn or melt. Therefore, if there is a need to use an open flame for barbecues on the lawn, you can choose the following to add more flame retardant. products, or take some fire prevention measures to improve their safety.

Temperature Control

The temperature of artificial turf will inevitably rise after a long period of sun exposure. In these special products, we have added more UV absorbers and cooling fillers to slow down the temperature rise of artificial turf. In addition, due to the optical properties of the color, lighter-colored artificial turf absorbs less sunlight than darker turf, and therefore heats up more slowly.

Adhesive selection

Each adhesive type has its applicable scenarios and advantages. Choosing the right artificial turf adhesive should be comprehensively considered according to specific needs, budget and use environment. The best choice should be based on factors such as site requirements, performance needs, and budget constraints.

PP adhesive

Compared with PU adhesive, PP adhesive has the following advantages in artificial turf:

The price of artificial turf with PP adhesive is relatively low, which is suitable for projects with limited budget or large-scale paving sites.
PP adhesive is relatively light, easy to carry, install and maintain, suitable for occasions that replacement or temporary use.
Environmental protection:
PP adhesive material can be recycled, which is more environmentally friendly than PU adhesive.
Fast drainage:
PP adhesive artificial turf has good drainage performance, which can quickly drain water and reduce the risk of water accumulation.

PU adhesive

Compared with PP adhesive, PU adhesive also has some advantages in artificial turf, mainly including the following aspects:

PU adhesive is more durable than PP adhesive. Polyurethane material is better in terms of strength, abrasion resistance and stretch resistance, which makes the PU-backed artificial turf have a longer service life.
Penetration resistance:
PU adhesive has good impermeability. The polyurethane material itself is relatively airtight, which prevents moisture from penetrating into the grass substratum, and helps maintain the stability and drainage performance of the artificial turf.
Adhesive strength:
PU adhesive has higher adhesive strength. It better bonds turf fibers to the substrate, providing a stronger connection and reducing the possibility of fiber detachment and deformation.
Softness and elasticity:
PU adhesive is relatively softer and has a certain degree of elasticity. This makes the artificial turf have better comfort and resilience when stepping and exercising, and has a better decompression effect on the joints and muscles of athletes.

Adhesive selection


2PP+PU Backing


PP+Net+Latex Backing


White Woven Backing


Adhesive Bi-component (PU glue)

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